Conveniently situated just off the M1 and N1 highways, lies The Woodlands.
The Woodlands is a modern office park with an unusual air of tranquillity.
The gentle ambience is created by the game park housed within the walls of The Woodlands.

The Woodlands game park is filled with free-ranging large game and an abundance of bird life.
The Life Style Centre includes:

The Woodlands boasts a Lifestyle Centre which includes a Wellness Centre, a restaurant and a coffee bar, which have been developed especially to cater for the parks needs.


The Gym
The Gym offers a combination of leisure, fitness and professional services for all employees and family members...
Our Hair Salon is open daily for appointments and on Saturdays. Tints, perms, semi/perm/colour, gents and ladies cut and much more.
Children's Day Care
In addition to full and half-day care, Jolly Dee's offers a formal Grade 0 programme which includes well-structures interactive activities.
The Office at Woodlands
We serve freshly prepared meals in a stylish resaurant.
Steffanie's Café
Contact details: Chris/George
Telephone number: 011 656 1423
Veld Estate
The Veld Estate is regarded as one of the last prime sites in the Woodmead area, which is very well positioned at the Woodlands right on Woodlands drive.

Highlands Estate
The Highlands Estate boasts a strategic position as it is on the highest part of the site and has amazing views of Sandton and the surrounding area.
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